At Afton, we are constantly striving to accomplish our mission of “Connecting Bands to their Fans.” We are proud to say that since Afton’s inception in 2004, we’ve helped literally thousands of bands experience this first hand. The feedback on this site comes from actual emails that Afton has received since we began collecting and archiving feedback in January of 2006.

Afton understands that everyone is different. Some bands prefer to play shows in bars (21+ only) or coffee shops. Other bands like to play poorly attended shows where no one sells tickets, and that’s fine—they should play the shows they want to play. However, most bands (when they have the opportunity) want to play fun, well attended, all-ages shows that offer them a real chance to connect to their current and soon-to-be fans.

Afton is committed to educating artists about the opportunity that Afton shows offer, and we are continually striving to improve Afton’s operations. The feedback that Afton receives from those that we work with is our most valuable asset in our pursuit of excellence, so we are always grateful to those who contribute.

We are proud to say that when given the opportunity, over 90% of bands that play a Afton show choose to book with Afton again.

Afton shows may not be the best thing for EVERY band, but we encourage you to decide for yourself whether Afton is a good fit for you. We inform our bands about all the details for each show before they are confirmed to play and do our best to make the shows as fun and professional as possible. For more on this, explore this site and see what other people are saying.  The  top left of this page has links to artist and venue feedback. We very much look forward to working with you.